Transport Drivers Needed

How can you help?

A dedicated transport volunteer

We are looking for dedicated volunteers who are wanting to help transport doggies on a regular basis. We usually run 1 transport a week, so ideally we are looking for 4-5 people who can help out so that each volunteer only has to go down to the shelters once a month! If you would like to become a volunteer and learn how the transport process works please let us know and we can have you join us on a freedom ride so you can learn the ropes!

What does transporting entail?

Transporting volunteer getting dog kisses

 The 3 shelters we pick up from each week are in La Junta, Rocky Ford and Orday - these towns are about 2.5-3 hours south east of Denver so the whole trip takes about a half day. We have a large cargo van with crates already inside and we can provide gas money! You just need to listen to the radio, enjoy the drive and pick up some cute doggies of course!

Shelters we pick up from: 

La Junta, Rocky Ford, Ordway
Drop Off: Denver Area
We Provide:

Cargo Van, Crates & Gas Money!

Why should I transport?

Dog being picked up from a shelter, to be transported to a rescue's foster home.

Being able to physically pick up these dogs from the high kill shelters and drop them off with their new foster homes is the best feeling in the world. Transporting makes a HUGE difference and literally saves lives. It is such an incredible experience. You won't regret it!

Other Ways to Volunteer


  • Collect donations from around the Denver area—gather it all in one place for us to pick it up. Make a list of what was picked up where and note values of items so that we can follow up with thank yous and document donations for our records.
  • Let us know of events that we can participate in. We'd love to share info about what we do and our partners.
  • Help clean our transport vans and crates and do laundry after transports.
  • Take photos for us and rescue groups at transport deliveries or ask shelters if they need help with photographs.
  • Help our rescue partners with animal behavior evaluations.
  • Help out at a shelter with cleaning, walking dogs, laundry—ask what they need help with too.